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2020 Elections and the GREAT RESET

I can't say it any more clearly than I say it in the video. The 2020 elections may not be exactly what they seem. Once you see the simulations that happened before all these world evens in 2020, you'll realize all of this was a theater and a spiritual contract. WE MUST NOT CONSENT. I'm usually cautious not to be alarmist or buggy eyed about world events lately. We have great human potential but if you want to know about the Great RESET put forth by the World Economic Forum, the Dark Winter simulation of 2001, The Transition Initiative Project that predicted the state of affairs we are in now, 2 weeks after elections, or the solutions in order to tap our potential, you do NOT want to miss this Waking Infinity News premiere at 9pm tonight (Monday November 16th, 2020).

Times are crazy and if you want the inside scoop on the 2020 elections and the glorious Great Reset to come, as well as solutions for how to move forward in this world without consenting to a global contract you DO NOT want to sign, then watch this episode.

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I'd like to thank Last American Vagabond for creating the incredible The Darkest Winter documentary which I borrowed clips from to make my case.

You are the most powerful technology. Don't ever forget that.

In LaKesh

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