Artificial Intelligence from 2020-2030

Updated: May 26

David Icke has been hyper focused on negative intentions around the wealthiest groups and industries like Google and its parent company Alphabet and their technological push. He speaks about Ray Kurzweil and his idea of 2030 being the time period where critical mass will be achieved by humans adopting AI machines implanted or permanently hooked up to the Cloud or Smart Grid.

Elon Musk talks about as an implantable piece in the skull that begins learning and adapting to the human's neurology and developing a unique understanding of you and your patterns, your reactions, behaviors, tendencies and blindspots.

Smart Grids and Smart Cities, like City Brain in 23 cities in China is a system of Alibaba algorithms lowering traffic and that is just the beginning. Imagine each city knowing you're going to arrive by driverless car and likely what you'll want to buy, when you'll be hungry, what city-life events you might want to attend and how to put it all in a way that you won't reject. It'll plan your evening out like no human travel agent or event planner ever could.

It might deliver a prescription to you that you didn't ask for but the City Brain decided to procure from a doctor bot as you entered the city because your serotonin levels were lower than the averages it's reading from your medical history. By the way, all your data, your digital identity, every picture you've ever appeared in, even the one's from street cameras, every post you've ever made, every post or email that was said with your name in it and more.


In 2030, every thing about your past, your present health, posture, sexual tendencies and preferences, benevolent or homicidal thoughts, would all be sensed to varying degrees by the Neuralink or Chinese knock-off in other citizens' skulls. Everything about you is known and easily read from your posture and facial expressions and the old concept of privacy doesn't exist anymore.


What David Icke was talking about in the video is that the more we allow AI to do our thinking, planning, health check ups and virtually anything else, the less our brain and creative capacity will exercise its ability to do it on its own. Think of giving someone with a broken leg a crutch. It will help them get back to health. But if you give it to someone who can walk just fine, it will rob the body the muscle power and coordination to be able to perform the task on its own anymore.

Now do you really think people could find a way to allow this high technology to help us but simultaneously not rob us of our conscious capacity but actually test and challenge the mind to expand and utilize these supercomputer helpers to bring about a technological awakening of human consciousness.

What are your thoughts. For conversations that look at where the trends are going and what to do to protect your livelihood from job loss, economic tidal wave shifts and unforeseeable new industries popping up, become a member of the Mystery School.

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