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David Wolfe Exposes 5G tech with Ancient Symbolism?

Updated: May 26, 2020

I've long said that symbolism has power and is used purposefully but hidden in plain sight. However, I also express that there's a lot of false rabbit holes that are intentionally fabricated to lead people into irrelevant rabbit holes that lead to no meaningful place. Would love to know your thoughts. I like David Wolfe... if what he's showing here is true, I am quite curious what kind of ancient symbolic deity is being awoken. Does the entire pursuit of economic dominance and technological power come from an agenda as old as ancient Egypt?

Or, could it just be a logo? Is there another explanation that we're not seeing? I try to encourage open mindedness while paradoxically holding skepticism. David Wolfe gives more evidence on his Telegram feed along with the Isis company involved with installing the technology in High Altitude Balloons with 5G tech.

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I agree, like the use of 666 in many bills and patents. or even the Garda (police) helpline phone number in my country Ireland, and abortion clinics the same. It's a great tactic for division. I have religious friends who were terrified when I pointed it out to them, with endtimes inevitable in their minds. And then friends on the otherside, spouting coincidence theory, eyes rolling with denial. Even after reminding them, that atleast in the case of the Garda's phone number, they are the government, they get to choose that number. And at the end of the day it is, just a number (as far as I am aware). It rubs itself in the face of people who recognize it, Building fear But then blinding those…

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