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Discipline Stack: Wim Hof style Kettlebell Chant

Updated: May 26, 2020

The science of continuous conscious breathing is in every spiritual discipline, and so is vocalization. Kettlebells? Not so much, but parabolic motion of the body is primary to human movement. This is a new exercise but it is synthesized from 3 ancient practices.

Wim Hof Breathing ( is well known for it's ability to boost immunity. In a scientific study, Wim Hof and students of his withstood E.Coli injected directly into them with no symptoms while the control group had headaches, convulsions, high fever and more. The difference? The breathing practice.

Mantra and chanting is not only an ancient practice to praise deities but also has a physiological basis in the way it vibrates the wet matter of the brain like Kymatica or Cymatics.

However when you do the Wim Hof breathing and on every exhale you extend a chanted OM, the effects become more sustainable, less dizzying and a bit more artistic and in a sense, spiritual. Both are ancient practices.

Kettlebell swinging was not a part of the ancient world, but the way the body moves during a parabolic kettle bell swing is the most functional and primal movement for walking, running, punching, throwing, lifting and much more. So when all 3 of these practices are combined with good form and patience, diligence and observation, consciousness begins to expand.

Test it out and let me know your thoughts and results. Email your thoughts at

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Wendy Sheets
Wendy Sheets
May 25, 2020

Thank you


I have been using his app for the breathing. I love it!!

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