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Internet of Bodies - World Economic Forum document

If you have been wondering what the heck I've been talking about lately as I explain a tech phenomena called the Internet of Bodies or IoB, please download and read the document below from the horse's mouth. The World Economic Forum is excited about the Internet of Bodies which is an extension of the Internet of Things or IoT. The IoT is the interconnection or family of smart devices that proliferate and share data with the centralized data aggregator as well as with each other at times.

The Internet of Bodies is an ecosystem of devices that will be connected to, ingested by, and injected or implanted inside the bodies of humans. May sound like the genesis of a cyborg future... and you'd be correct.

I won't go any deeper into the IoB right now. I'd like you to read the PDF yourself and please send me emails to and give me your thoughts.

Download PDF • 7.76MB

Please watch the latest Waking Infinity News videos to give a little more context.


Here's a video put forth by the World Economic Forum to show how COVID-19 plays into the Great Reset Initiative which is a plan, not a prediction, for the digital economy and global total reset of the current way of life.

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Ben Stewart
Ben Stewart

Haha, wish I would have read this earlier. Great comment


Syl Marks
Syl Marks

I'm pretty sure people prefere change rather to transformation. The first one is adaptable, the second one is imposed... and that's why these wanna-be-engineers-techocrats (and why not dbgas?!) will face strong opposition. I'll be glad to see a flying car, but that's where I draw the line... no chips, no vaChinas, no state dictatorship. Specially if it cames from money, because that's not a measure of intelligence nor good character. Brats and nerds may have gotten rich, but now they deserve all the wedgies coming in their way.

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