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Linguistic Wave Genetic

Your genes are bio acoustic or standing wave patterns that are held together (mostly likely) by quantum entanglement. What this man does this video is deep subconscious waveform entrainment. You'll be able to understand part of what he means immediately but the rest of it is not for your intellect. AND, if you don't like linguistic mind benders that leave you wondering if there's NLP sorcery happening... don't watch it.

In one of my next Waking Infinity News episodes I'll get into the spooky way this concept may be tied to the way quantum teleportation (which is currently being proven even according to Google) can in principle teleport genes by light or laser modulation.

If you have almost 2 hours and want to go down this rabbit hole early, watch this video and pay attention to the mention of microtubules and mitochondria as producers of standing waves. They'll mention Bose Einstein condensates as well that currently are debated whether or not temperature needs to be near absolute zero or if Stuart Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose are correct about whether or not quantum consciousness is possible in warm wet environments like brains as is also shown in photosynthesis in plants. Don't worry if you don't get every nuance yet. The scientists are also quite confused and full of contradictions here.

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Future Science - The Wave Genome. Stunning.



I'll admit that it spooked me, wondering what the subliminal effect of this "presentation" is. Still, it's intriguing. Would appreciate an explanation if or when time allows. Thanks!


I'm not sure what I just watched 🤣

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