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Modern Pirates: War Castles Documentary with Robert-Leroy: Horton.

I know that many people will not like some of the ideas or concepts in this film, especially involving claims about the current administration's potential positive agenda. I know, it's very "Q" and very supported by its own media tactics and I don't care to identify with online stories unless I have a gut feeling. On the current administration, I don't have a gut feeling either way. But I'm posting this because of the story of Russell J Gould and his symbolic reclaim of the American flag.

I made a film called Ungrip with Rob in the Pagé family years back and I spoke deeply about how language is shadowy and rigged with layered meanings. The use of these layered meanings basically means that who ever masters the language scheme of legalese will exponentially gain legal and enforced control over others who identify with that legal system. That's virtually everyone.

Robert-Leroy: Horton writes out his name like Rob in the Pagé family once did. I used to write it that way constantly to avoid being identified with maritime admiralty law. I eventually stopped. Maybe I became a disbeliever that it would make a difference.

However, one issue with this man Robert-Leroy: Horton. I can't find any military accomplishments when I "Google" or "DuckDuckGo" him. Everything comes up about this film. Can anyone help verify this guy's military involvement? I'd like to email him and maybe interview him.

Please, if you're still quarantined and have ample time, watch this film (I watched on 1.5x speed) and then watch Ungrip to help you understand what Rob in the Pagé family has devoted his life to uncovering and reclaiming). Our human-ness.

UNGRIP (even more relevant today than when it was made)

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