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Monopoly: Who Owns the World

By Tim Gielen

If you want to understand the public facing parent-corporations that own the seemingly endless supply of free-market competing companies, watch this video on Bitchute by Tim Gielen.

Unfortunately, I can only share the link here. Youtube has already removed the video.

If you want to go even deeper, sign up to become a member and watch the latest Deeper Dive video I posted.

This information isn't intended to create a boogyman or enemy to war against. It's to bring transparency to a dominant economic and resource-hoarding giant.

We are not afraid. We do not cower. We open the dialog and declare the world to be the people's. Any group that uses disguise and secrecy to further an agenda of power over others is doomed to fail by its own illegitimate tactics.

If you are reading this and owe allegiance this financial elite, open the dialog and show your plans to benefit ecology and humanity without the use of secrecy or misdirection and you'll have help.

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