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Move Your DNA with Katy Bowman

How much influence do you believe movement has on your intelligence? Have you ever wondered why evolution made creatures that perfectly move across natural landscapes? Have you ever felt that the structure of your man made environment (urban jungle perhaps) makes it feel like you're being starved some kind of nutrition?

Well that's Katy Bowman's stance. After becoming a Biochemist, she founded Nutritious Movement with a hyper focus on the importance of movement as a fundamental human need. It's not just fun or something you do when you're done working and doing grown up stuff. If you lack movement, you actually lack cognitive and even spiritual stamina. I first heard of Katy Bowman through her book Move Your DNA on Ben Greenfield's podcast, or Found My Fitness with Dr. Rhonda Patrick... it might have been the Joe Rogan Experience. Um... actually I think it was Tim Ferriss... or maybe Dave Asprey... okay, so I found Katy Bowman on a podcast and it blew my mind.

She's a total bad ass who knows her stuff. In this clip below, she really explains the conundrum of our society well.

And now Wendy Suzuki (author of Healthy Brain, Happy Life) on a TED Talk shows that from the purely scientific field of study, she had to come to the same conclusions the Katy Bowman found. Movement is primary not only to health but intelligence, age related cognition, memory, and I believe even spiritual fortitude for the times to come.

Please find out more about this emerging field of educational empowerment called... um... movement. It's pretty easy, just do the opposite of what you're likely doing right now. Sitting. And remember, it's not about repetitious exercise that does the same thing over and over. There's nothing nourishing about eating potatoes and only potatoes all day, every day. You need movement diversity just like you need food diversity.

Food is information and so is movement. Nourish your soul. Move more and better. (more movement resources)

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