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Sacsayhuaman stone wall in Peru

Updated: May 26, 2020

Just do yourself a favor and watch this video to catch a glimpse at the mysteries of Peru. There is no way (in my mind) that the Inca built this wall given our understanding of their advancement (no wheel, limited tool, etc...).

Our ancestors have many mysteries. Aliens or human, the debate continues and all the while, these majestic constructions defy belief.

I feel it's obvious that the Inca simply utilized these remains from earlier and more advanced societies. Remember, nearly every culture that has an origin myth recalls a flood and gods from the past that co-mingled with humans.

These theories are not new if you've been following Michael Tsarion, Graham Hancock, Max Igan and more. However, for the most part, these mysteries are barely spoken of by the majority of our world. Just a select few that realize we are living on a planet of which we only pretend we have a coherent understanding.

The Huaca or w'aka are sacred locations marked by stone constructions believed to be built by powerful predecessors. Each Huaca has cuts on them and the tools used are beyond what the Inca seemed to have. Every one of these Huacas have later civilizations marks all over them with polygonal construction of lesser quality.

I smell Ancient Civilizations afoot.

Oh, and check out this IG pic from @jjjanover

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