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KYMATICA: The Power of Sound and Voice

Updated: May 26, 2020

"Real listening is an extraordinary thing. Not many people do it... Real listening is absolute focus. It's consciousness... Hearing is passive... Listening is making meaning from sound."

~Julian Treasure

I dig LondonReal. Great interview with Julian Treasure who has a podcast on the Power of Sound.

He makes great points about how our ears are on all the time. Even while asleep, we can be awoken by weird noises. If you're in a shopping mall, poor sound management can clear a store quickly.

Even in Esoteric Agenda I mention the color combinations that restaurants like McDonald's, Wendy's, Arby's, Burger King, etc... all use reds and yellows and whites because of how fast they oscillate in the cone structures of our eyes. This color stimulation causes for a subtle uptick in behavior and pace in order to shuffle customers in and out. The opposite are fine dining restaurants with calmer music, blues, greens and browns for a natural and settling atmosphere.

This understanding affords us the opportunity to restructure the vibe of our surroundings simply by adjusting the volume, pace and tone of the sounds/music around us as well as cooling or warming the color spectrum.

The isn't to say we can just tell a party to calm down or the band on stage to turn the amplifiers to a more moderate level. We have to cultivate a sense of inner protection or "sovereignty" from external influences.

In order to cultivate this protection, we need what the Hawaiian culture calls mana. Mana is spiritual power and we cultivate it not by harvesting from another source but bringing it about from within us.

In LIMITLESS Lifestyle Coaching, I give tips and tools to identify, isolate and turn down the amplitude of dissonant frequencies in our environment. This is drawn from an understand I learned while producing KYMATICA. Sound and vibration inform the physical form we carry with us through life. By maintaining sovereignty from sources of influence we don't want and keeping open lines to sources that serve us is a part of waking up, growing up and showing up.

So here's a great tip I offer in my coaching:

If you acknowledge a sound or frequency that is negatively influencing you, first and foremost, slow your breathing.

As you slow your breath, find the tone of the sound and hum along with it. Try to match the sound. Do this softly if you're in a group or in public. It can almost be just an imagined sound. Don't tune it out. Tune directly into it and amplify it as a form of dance. Play with the sound. Turn it into music.

The most common thing that I notice happens as a result of this practice is a sudden shift. All of a sudden, something else will catch your attention and you will flow directly towards it and the tone with all but disappear. Case by case, this happens every single time I try it. If I don't address the sound, or if I just try to ignore it, my mood or nerves will stay alert and irritable.

Farewell kind readers.

Live to dance another day.

Tot morgen,


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