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The Power of the Mauna Kea action happening RIGHT NOW

The power of the Hawaiian Hula dance is pretty trippy when looked at through modern (not our grandparent's eyes). We see that it's more than a pretty foreign dance. It's the key to how they cultivate mana, or spiritual power. It's part of their protocol which happens 3 times a day, every day since the Hawaiian's and supporters block the access road to the summit.

Since TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) project has attempted to construct a 4 acre complex to house a giant telescope illegally and without an ounce of respect for the Hawaiian's who's church temple will be desecrated to build it.

Hula has shut this whole project down for over 100 days. Way to go.

And this is Uncle Kaliko speaking about a prophecy foretold of a world changing event atop at the highest mountain in the world. Even though Mt. Everest sits higher above the sea level, Mauna Kea is measured from the base of the tectonic plate which makes it roughly 1 mile taller than Mt. Everest. Some call it the last remnants of Lemuria.

Just sayin'.


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