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Wolf Moon Jan. 10, 2020

Updated: May 26, 2020

The first full moon of the year has been called Wolf moon ever since the Native Americans and European indigenous read a Google article claiming that their ancestors (modern day Californian hipsters) celebrated anything that sounded Native American by pretending they were Native Americans (their own descendants from the Future aka the Past) and singing down tempo polka rap.

"A good artist uses lies to tell the truth" ~Joe Pesci from Good Will Hunting

Now, I'm sure you found a lot wrong with the article so far. But one day, if this article survives into the future, people may say that I was the only one telling the truth about our history and the way time works. In the same way that future generations may not know how to decipher fact from fiction when they realize that 9/11 and Coronavirus both held simulated drills of the exact same scenarios before the "real world" event happened.

What if future researchers find ancient evidence that it was just a lot of embellishment around these pivotal real world events, but in reality, they were just simulated drills and the people started pretending it really happened.

Think of that next time you think you unraveled the mystery of the past because you read a little known book or some potential evidence that we've been lied to. We are always being lied to, even by ourselves. Truth is not found in an honest statement or book. It's developed within as a conscious tool for discernment.

If you like mind benders like this and other alternative ways to look at history and science, check out Waking Infinity on (must have a Gaia subscription to watch)

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