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5G, Coronavirus and Future Technology

5G: If you haven’t come across 5G or even know what it is, you may not be prepared for the world to change in this coming decade. President trump tweeted in 2014 “China is not our friend”. He also says we need 5G and 6G. I believe this is because the city of Wuhan is the first true 5G city. But the kicker is, you won’t need your phone in Wuhan. You just talk to the city. Cameras and microphones everywhere can identify every citizen with high accuracy and has access to you digital ID, bank account, any criminal record and credit score. Some of the major funders of Wuhan tech explosion seems to be Google and Microsoft according to retired Brigadier General Robert Spalding.
Coronavirus: The Coronavirus supposedly originated from a meat market in Wuhan China. A lot of speculation says the virus actually originated 5 miles from the meat market at a level 4 Bio-Lab. American Professor Charles Leber apparently was being paid $50,000 per month to work out of the lab. Two female students of his were detained as 1 of them had vials off liquid (Unidentified). Anthony Fauci apparently was a part of the funding of the lab in Wuhan. But even with the official narrative, Wuhan goes online in the most highly technologically advanced city this world has seen since the Annunaki apparently visited earth for a few millennia. Different story. Ps. 5G does not cause Coronavirus as far as my research can see. Advancing Technology: Driverless cars? Tesla cars have logged 2 billion road miles without driver input. Spy drones? Yes, they can be the size of a gnat or mosquito. Supercomputers that can outperform humans at Chess and Go. Check. Quantum computers that predict future scenarios with enough accuracy to attract Billions in investments. Data libraries with a digital image of our lives that far surpasses our human memory. These are all here. Today.
So the question is: what will happen to governments, economies, jobs across the world when these tools that are already here are Being fruitful and multiplying.
There is a ray of humanity shining Through however. Art and unconditional love is still something we can exhibit as these data engines learn our behaviors. What if that’s the future instead of 1984 or a Brave New World. What if we teach our technological progeny to be better than we have been in the past because we chose to change in the direction of more togetherness, empathy and clarity of each others intentions. What if they learn and self express dem apples? just a thought. I love you all and ask you to check out my coaching called Limitless Lifestyle. A 12 week program that supports you with mental challenging and emotional space holding for transformation. We focus on body (dynamic movement and rejuvenation), Mind and Portal Jumping. You’re always in a portal from one “you” to another “you”. Lastly, I work with voice training to enhance communication and self expression and also give advice on branding and navigating The changing economic future. Try it and see.

5G, Coronavirus and Future Technology
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