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Linguistic Wave Genetic

Your genes are bio acoustic or standing wave patterns that are held together (mostly likely) by quantum entanglement. What this man does this video is deep subconscious waveform entrainment. You'll be able to understand part of what he means immediately but the rest of it is not for your intellect. AND, if you don't like linguistic mind benders that leave you wondering if there's NLP sorcery happening... don't watch it. In one of my next Waking Infinity News episodes I'll get into the spooky way this concept may be tied to the way quantum teleportation (which is currently being proven even according to Google) can in principle teleport genes by light or laser modulation. If you have almost 2 hours and want to go down this rabbit hole early, watch this video and pay attention to the mention of microtubules and mitochondria as producers of standing waves. They'll mention Bose Einstein condensates as well that currently are debated whether or not temperature needs to be near absolute zero or if Stuart Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose are correct about whether or not quantum consciousness is possible in warm wet environments like brains as is also shown in photosynthesis in plants. Don't worry if you don't get every nuance yet. The scientists are also quite confused and full of contradictions here.

5 Ways to Prepare for 2021

Nuff said. 2020 was a doozie and you'll want to prepare better for 2021. Vaccines, COVID health, Martial law threats, Bitcoin and betting on yourself. If you feel so moved, please send me an email, and please SUBSCRIBE to this page. Please Donate to support this News Feed: Paypal: Venmo: @Ben-Stewart-60269 Make sure to hit the like button and Follow me on: Instagram: @BenStewartDahli Twitter: @BenStewartDahli Facebook: and Facebook: You are the most powerful technology. Don't ever forget that.

Vaccines and Big Data: Palantir and Oracle

Perhaps you‚Äôve heard of Operation Warp Speed in the race to create a Covid-19 vaccine. Or maybe that Washington DC allows 11 year olds to lawfully consent to being vaccinated in school without parents being notified, even through the insurance company. Wild times indeed. There are even wild conspiracy theories that Bill Gates is looking to implant microchips inside people with vaccines to get everyone connected to blockchain through what is know. as ID2020. I‚Äôve even heard rumors that aliens exist and Donald Trump knows about it but the ETs say we‚Äôre not ready to know yet. While much of this information is accurate, and some is hyperbolic, it‚Äôs truly difficult to get to the bottom of any new theory these days without being fact-checked by hyper-biased organizations or labeled as a disinformation specialist. However, straight from Bloomberg‚Äôs news feed comes news that the data giants Palantir and Oracle will oversee and track all vaccinations in the US, of which there will be 20 million in 2020 (that‚Äôs in half a month). An quote from the article from an official yet unnamed source says ‚ÄúThe official said no health provider can administer a vaccine without being enrolled in the system, which will provide a daily record of how many people in the country have been vaccinated.‚ÄĚ You mat have also heard that Pfizer offered the Trump administration to secure 100 million more vaccines once they‚Äôre produced and they said ‚Äúno‚ÄĚ. Officials in the Trump administration denied ever declining such an offer. While all of this is going on, Pfizer and Moderna have both created a vaccine that is, according to them and their speedy trials, more than 90% effective.

Lastly, the article stated: ‚ÄĚNo federal employee -- other than health-care workers for Native Americans, veterans and the military -- is likely to play a role in distributing the vaccine to the general public, the second official said.‚ÄĚ I guess we‚Äôll just have to see what turn this warp speed agenda takes as millions of vaccine acceptors get what they want and millions of skeptics of centralized science and technocratic elites are threatened with the word ‚Äėmandatory‚Äô or the thought of having health passports become mandatory to resume societal tasks like working, shopping or hanging out in public places. Check our what‚Äôs happening in Australia: Please visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch Waking Infinity News for more information. Oh and have you heard of the false positives of HIV and Bell‚Äôs pals side effects?

5 Aspects of Awakening: Psychedelics and Natural Methods on Waking Infinity News

If you've ever been curious about how Awakening Consciousness effects people in ways more than just the Hollywood allure of it all, then you'll want to watch this episode. So many people I've met believe that awakening is a beautiful and flawless process. They may not say they believe it but you can tell when they experience an awakening, they often don't expect the residue and uncomfortable aspect of it. Please check out this weeks episode of Waking Infinity News and share it widely. If you feel so moved, please send me an email, and please SUBSCRIBE to this page. Please Donate to support this News Feed: Paypal: Venmo: @Ben-Stewart-60269 Follow me on: Instagram: @BenStewartDahli Twitter: @BenStewartDahli Facebook: and Facebook: You are the most powerful technology. Don't ever forget that.

The Power of Narrative - WAKING INFINITY NEWS

Episode 4 of Waking Infinity News is all about Narrative. I start lightly with Elon Musk looking to Colonize Mars, Quantum Internet and then move into a tragic police shooting in Cocoa, Florida of two teenage boys. A.J. Crooms and Sincere Pierce were shot and killed by Deputy Santiago-Miranda. This is yet again another incident that has been the theme fueling many of the riots and civil unrest this year. While many feel disempowered, I attempt to focus on the power of the narratives we believe and the narratives we hold true to our hearts. Words create reality with the proper focus and attention. Please watch this episode and send me your thoughts. If you feel so moved, please send me an email, and please SUBSCRIBE to this page. Please Donate to support this News Feed: Paypal: Venmo: @Ben-Stewart-60269 Make sure to hit the like button and Follow me on: Instagram: @BenStewartDahli Twitter: @BenStewartDahli Facebook: and Facebook: You are the most powerful technology. Don't ever forget that.

Internet of Bodies - World Economic Forum document

If you have been wondering what the heck I've been talking about lately as I explain a tech phenomena called the Internet of Bodies or IoB, please download and read the document below from the horse's mouth. The World Economic Forum is excited about the Internet of Bodies which is an extension of the Internet of Things or IoT. The IoT is the interconnection or family of smart devices that proliferate and share data with the centralized data aggregator as well as with each other at times. The Internet of Bodies is an ecosystem of devices that will be connected to, ingested by, and injected or implanted inside the bodies of humans. May sound like the genesis of a cyborg future... and you'd be correct. I won't go any deeper into the IoB right now. I'd like you to read the PDF yourself and please send me emails to and give me your thoughts. Please watch the latest Waking Infinity News videos to give a little more context. THE GREAT RESET INITIATIVE Here's a video put forth by the World Economic Forum to show how COVID-19 plays into the Great Reset Initiative which is a plan, not a prediction, for the digital economy and global total reset of the current way of life. As I bring your more information about how all these agendas converge in the months and years immediately ahead of us, please consider donating and helping me keep this news and documentary train rolling. Please Donate to support this News Feed: Paypal: Venmo: @Ben-Stewart-60269 Make sure to hit the like button and Follow me on: Instagram: @BenStewartDahli Twitter: @BenStewartDahli Facebook: and my personal Facebook: You are more powerful than you've ever been told. Hold that notion dear and share your love and wisdom with others.

2020 Elections and the GREAT RESET

I can't say it any more clearly than I say it in the video. The 2020 elections may not be exactly what they seem. Once you see the simulations that happened before all these world evens in 2020, you'll realize all of this was a theater and a spiritual contract. WE MUST NOT CONSENT. I'm usually cautious not to be alarmist or buggy eyed about world events lately. We have great human potential but if you want to know about the Great RESET put forth by the World Economic Forum, the Dark Winter simulation of 2001, The Transition Initiative Project that predicted the state of affairs we are in now, 2 weeks after elections, or the solutions in order to tap our potential, you do NOT want to miss this Waking Infinity News premiere at 9pm tonight (Monday November 16th, 2020). Times are crazy and if you want the inside scoop on the 2020 elections and the glorious Great Reset to come, as well as solutions for how to move forward in this world without consenting to a global contract you DO NOT want to sign, then watch this episode. Please Donate to support this News Feed: Paypal: Venmo: @Ben-Stewart-60269 Make sure to hit the like button and Follow me on: Instagram: @BenStewartDahli Twitter: @BenStewartDahli Facebook: and Facebook: I'd like to thank Last American Vagabond for creating the incredible The Darkest Winter documentary which I borrowed clips from to make my case. You are the most powerful technology. Don't ever forget that. In LaKesh

New WAKING INFINITY News / Every Monday 9pm EST

I've been getting asked to make podcasts and news for some time now and I finally got the studio set up. Waking Infinity News is now on its way. Premiere at 9pm EST. I'll have news for you at 9pm every Monday and likely some podcasts and livestreams on the regular. However, tonight it will air Tuesday night, as this is 1 week after the elections. Big news in the 2020 world. This one delves into the very near future of technology and how it will begin to interface with humanity, thoughts on how psychedelics are being treated in Big Pharma and mainstream as well as how not to get swallowed by fear porn news. I'll always try to give you some uplift or inspiration by the end. Thanks for all your support.

Internet of Bodies, Agenda 2030 and Cyborgs

Eleonore Pauwels, Director of Anticipatory Intelligence lab says the new era of technology called the Internet of Bodies is the "automating of computation and learning" in her Wilson Center interview.  She wrote an article for the Wilson Quarterly. We all know about the Internet of Things which refers to the connectivity between all our smart devices, such as phones, cars, appliances, pills, even diapers.  But the Internet of Bodies takes this one step closer to home.  Closer to the chest may be a better way of saying it. What About Privacy? Wired Magazine reported that 59 year old Middletown, Ohio resident Compton Ross lost his house due to a fire.  His cat died inside the blaze.  However, he managed to pack a bunch of his belongings before making it out.  The authorities believed Compton may have set the fire so they drew upon data harvested from the man's Smart Pacemaker.  These new devices record enough biometric data from within the body to surmise that Compton must have set the fire himself. Stephanie Lacambra of Electronic Frontier Foundations says, "The reality is that we are no longer the sole proprietors or controllers of our personal information".  Whether or not Compton wanted to plead the fifth amendment, the pacemaker is not technically a part of his God-given body and doesn't enjoy the same protections. 3 Generations of IoB There are 3 generations of the Internet of Bodies.  The first generation is seen with Apple watches and FitBits which are worn on the outside of the body.  The second generation consists of Body internal devices such as Compton's Smart Pacemaker and ingestible pills that contain some medicine as well as a sensor device to read and harvest all kinds of data from the gut and transmit this data to the Smart Grid.  The third generation is embedded technology such as Elon Musk's Neuralink and other devices connected in real time to the cloud and AI.  Another example would be injectable devices through vaccines like Quantum Dots that became popular in the first wave of discussions about vaccines for Covid-19. The innovation of this technology is way ahead of the regulations to govern how they will be classified, which government agency has say over protocols and how data can and will be shared.  From Neuroprosthetics to implantable contact lenses from MOJO Vision, Google and other tech giants, the future of cyborgs begins now. The implantable contact lenses can provide GPS overlay onto your field of vision, night vision, zooming capability, text translation, face recognition, constellation mapping, eye strength training and much more.  But the regulations are unclear at the moment on what agency will govern them.  The FDA and FTC are just two of the agencies in question.  If someone has poor vision and gets the implantable contact lens, that could qualify as a medical device.  However, someone with perfect vision who gets one would fall under "enhancements" and likely fall under a different regulatory agency.  This is without even getting into who would be responsible if your lens manufacturer goes bankrupt and refuses to surgically remove your defunct eye tech. The FDA has already approved insulin pumps and Smart Pancreases connected to the internet as well as smart pills.  Down the line, we may see all the organs connected to the internet. Three Classes of Brain Tech There are three classes that Brain tech falls under. Brain Computer Interfaces:  Allows people's brains to control the mouse on a computer and navigate the web. Neuroprosthetics: Allows people to mentally control prosthetic limbs Neuromodulation:  Allows external technology and AI to modulate neural and brain functions such as sexual drive, anger impulses, and the desire to alter consciousness. The first two classes are technologies that allow the brain to output signals to computers but the third, Neuromodulation allows technology to take control of the brain and alter the way neurons fire and even the way thoughts form.  There is even a Black Box feature to record thoughts to downgrade epileptic potential for people who are driving.  However, if the driver decides to keep the epileptic suppressor off so he or she can have a conversation and an accident occurs, authorities can access the Black Box, just like in planes and helicopters, to determine the cause of the accident. What About Personal Sovereignty? This turns into problems that blur the line between people's personal sovereignty and privacy, and a society cultivating human / tech hybrids.  When humans lose sovereignty over their physical functions, it becomes a slippery slope.  What about reducing sex drive in pedophiles when the smart device determines they are near children?  I'm sure not many would argue that. But what about when a schizophrenic has a device that suppresses hallucinations?  What if that personal identifies with schizophrenia as the way God made him or her?  What if they're simply at home where they can't hurt anyone? This has led to conversation about how any medical condition is viewed.  What if a blind or deaf person decides that what was once viewed as a handicap is actually their identity?  Then getting corrective Smart technology would be classified as an enhancement rather than a medical procedure or correction. Even in the 21st Century Cures Act in 2016, Congress amended the definition of Medical Device to include hardware and software. Big Data and Your Dwindling Rights Now we must turn to the worry on most people's minds.  How is all the data that comes from this Internet of Bodies being used?  Who owns it and where does it go?  Well just like with your phone, your service provider offers an End User License Agreement. When you sign that, all your data is in the hands of the partners and 3rd party agencies that your service provider chooses. Not you. But they are bound by that agreement, right?  Technically yes.  But there is a clause that says Data will not be shared outside of the agreement terms unless the new tech update or service agreements are compatible with the original agreement.  Professor Andrea Matwyshyn of North Eastern University School of Law in Boston Massachusetts says that this basically means they can come up with any new agreement they decide and deem it compatible with the old one. Cryptocurrency Hooked to Biology Even tech company Microsoft patented a new cryptocurrency system leveraging Body Activity Data.  This system allows a device, which is unknown at this time, to harvest infrared heat from the cells of your body to mine cryptocurrency.  There's even the Dutch Institute of Human Obsolescence that employed a bodysuit to mine cryptocurrencies from body heat to produce electricity. COVID-19 Tracking In the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, groups like VivaLNK, a California based health startup, developed a multipatient remote monitoring technology using Chinese company Alibaba on the back end to measure people's temperature, Electrocardiogram, heart rate, and respiratory rate and motion all in the name of reducing the rate of cross infection.  I'd have to say that this pandemic is quite the opportunity for the Internet of Bodies to proliferate unquestioned by the masses. Much like the Patriot Act being passed directly after September 11th in 2001 which stripped many privacy rights from the people with few objections because the world's emotions were being driven by the fear of terrorism rather than the creeping threat of a social technocracy. SmartGrid As every technology becomes Smart, we are indirectly being called dumb.  If you don't have a smart phone, it is colloquially called dumb and if your pancreas, heart, brain, eyes, ears and other organs don't eventually update to a smart device, you seem to be passivly allowing yourself to become dumb.  That's what we're led to believe. Elon Musk says we won't be able to compete with AI so we might as well ride the wave with it by interfacing with its intelligence.  Nevermind the fact that he himself said AI poses the greatest existential threat we have ever faced. Smart Cities have been proposed in my first film Esoteric Agenda when talking about Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030).  A presenter named Michael Shaw spoke about how people will be herded into Smart Cities and not allowed to visit nature unless given special permission.  This is quite like cattle, but I never understood just how technological this agenda would become. China has over 100 Smart Cities and the traffic is controlled by Alibaba.  Don't worry about bringing your Smart Device because the city itself is your device.  You can step outside and just say Uber and a camera or microphone will hear you and come pick you up.  There are slated to be 1 Billion cameras in China by 2023.  Driverless cars will be the norm by 2030 according to industry insiders and robotaxis will be here by 2025. We have to stop and ask:  At what cost is all of this convenience? SUMMARY Whether it's Deep Brain Stimulation advancements such as Automated Steerable Path tech or streaming music directly into your neurons with Neuralink, the future is here and humanity is on the brink of eternal change.  5G telecommunications infrastructure is scarring the landscape and wifi radiation is at an all time high that many scientists like Dr. Martin Pall, Dr. Arthur Firstenburg, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Thomas Cowan are all proclaiming to be an extinction level agenda being rolled out by an elite few while the rest of us are bombarded by AI generated fake news with the help of TensorFlow and other brand new algorithms. The world before us offers a Quantum Economy and Quantum Internet.  The Internet of Bodies will make way for the Spacial Internet where websites can become 3D and even enter the room from off the page.  Reality and Fantasy are merging in ways that many cannot conceive of yet.  the conversation must start new on exactly what measures we, the one's waking up, should resort to.  I never advocate violence or vandalism and believe there is a form of peaceful NON-COMPLIANCE that must occur on a major and unified scale on the sooner side of things. In love, in all respect and in harmony... In LaKesh. Extra Material:

The Mystery of You: Where Fitness and Spirituality Meet


Turn Movement into a Mindful Discipline

I love exploring the depths of consciousness in ways that I can functionally implement into my day. I don't want it to interrupt what I need or like to do, I will it to enhance my day. Meditation and being the conscious observer of your thoughts and feelings come in the depths of exercise, play, exploring nature and increasing your breathing. The greatest part about it is your results won't lie to you. If you haven't been bringing meditation to the movements you do, that's a huge disadvantage. Likewise, if you haven't been making time for movement, your meditation may suffer. WHY MOVEMENT MATTERS to MEDITATION Yoga! Do you know what that means? No, it's not tight pants and elite stretches, it means union. Union especially with divinity, inner nature, god, highest self, the all, the great mystery... The purpose of yoga is to prepare the body to sit in meditation. It's not a means to an end, it's the beginning of the story which sets up the development and conclusion. Yoga is in all that you do. If you don't bring mindfulness into the way you bend over to pick up a pencil... oh sorry, wrong decade, to pick up your smart phone, then you're making a passive decision to exclude your body from the awakening process. This is a mistake. Oh sorry, wrong spiritual language. This is a lesson. But you won't learn that lesson until injury or death bed. Okay, a bit dramatic but I hope you're picking up what I'm putting down. So enjoy example video of trail running and tree climbing and the additional video with a few thoughts about why it matters that we explore our gifts and obstacles just the same way. POETIC RAMBLINGS Explore the rest of the blogs and my Instagram page for more info like this: @BenStewartDahli

Psychedelics, Microtubules and Quantum Consciousness

Have you heard of Dr. Stuart Hameroff or Sir Roger Penrose? Together they have a theory of consciousness that proposes that consciousness arises when the wave collapses into the particle. A lesser known theory that Dr. Hameroff proposes is that psychedelic molecules bind with microtubules and send them into quantum coherence. Dr. Hameroff did a talk where he mentions this theory and even gives a sneak preview into what the microtubules sound like when slowed down. Yes, the microtubules sing rather than communicate purely informationally. If you want to see what microtubules look like amplified, here they are in all their glory. CONCLUSION I'm not recommending or suggesting taking psychedelics. They are powerful tools for conscious awakening and when used improperly could severely traumatize the psyche. However, you don't even have to ingest exogenous (plant or animal derived) psychedelics to get the effect. Our very own brains produce Dopamine (like morphine), DMT, 5-Me0-DMT, MAOI's like the Ayahuasca vine and even Ketamine and PCP analogs. When Salvador Dali was asked if he takes drugs... he said "I am drugs". Humming, Om-ing, chanting and all kinds of open throated singing not only improves Vagal tone but after extended periods can also bring on altered states of consciousness, likely by vibrating the sphenoid bone in the skull. The Human Body is an incredibly complex and interconnected system of communication. If you're looking for healing physical or emotional trauma, if you want more clarity on your purpose and path, or if you're just a seeker of adventure and wish to look deeper into reality, all answers and tools lie within.

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