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Enter the Mystery

Updated: May 26, 2020

What does it mean to enter the mystery? How does a seeker of knowledge and higher self-awareness find such a school? How would that person truly know whether or not the school they find themselves in is a true "mystery school"?

Very pointed questions leading to very important inner conclusions. Sorry to spoil it for you but there will be no solid answer here for you. Just some guidance to help you understand what I've come to learn about mystery schools among all of the falsity and illusion wreaking havoc in the modern world.

To enter the mystery, one must understand that life in itself is a riddle. All those who have claimed to solve it or come up with fixed and immutable answers to the topic are likely deluded themselves. The mystery is almost impossible to see clearly. I say almost because I do believe some find themselves detached from their persona and therefore can inherently see the patterns of self-delusion that the rest of us are driven by. Therefore, in order to enter the mystery, one must incessantly seek higher self-awareness. There is no plateau to this sojourn. Just layer after layer to be peeled back.

How does one seek higher self-awareness? Easy. Get comfortable with the notion that you are wrong about everything and simultaneously trust that your intuition is right about everything. Sounds like a paradox. It is. Get used to the paradox of life. The "wrongs" and "rights" I'm speaking of are temporal and truly only wrong or right in a given context at a particular point in your journey. All life is a playground on a school yard. You are here to learn and the optimal learning environment is through play. Therefore, if you can cultivate a mindset that is fixated on taking the lessons of life seriously while perceiving the moments of learning as flexible and designed to be toyed with, then you are closer to entering the mystery. For if you can manifest this mindset in the most challenging and contradictory moments in life, you are wielding the power of your own self-awareness. That power is LIMITLESS. This is why I engage in learning and playful environments with fellow seekers that wish to Enter the Mystery by offering LIMITLESS Lifestyle coaching. I'll give you a hint on the way I conduct this coaching... I'm not the coach.

Lastly, after a lifetime of seeking a true mystery school, how does one know that they've found one, rather than yet another gimmicky promise? The answer is, if you are still looking for the school in the outer world, you have yet to find a true mystery school. The only mystery school worth your commitment is guided by that same self that you are seeking higher awareness of. All outer schools merely offer tools to help you along your own journey. It is the walking of the path, your path, that constitutes you showing up for school.

So show up, find your playground and ENTER THE MYSTERY.

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“...paradox is the true reality, everything else is just an illusion.”

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