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The Future of Quantum Computers is Here?

Updated: May 26, 2020

The Corona virus or COVID-19 will likely remain the victor in clickable articles while a historic experimental discovery was just made that will revolutionize quantum computing and speed progress toward an AI frenzied and Post-Human world.

In 1961 a Nobel Prize winning physicist named Nicolaas Bloembergen said that a process called nuclear electric resonance would one day outperform nuclear magnetic resonance which is used in chemistry, mining and medical imaging. The issue with magnetic resonance is its scalability. Since a magnetic field can't contained like electricity can, if magnetism is used to initiate spin in a nucleus, other nuclei placed nearby would be effected. However, a team of researchers at University of New South Wales achieved this 60 year goal by accident.

Physicist at UNSW Andrea Morello says "Performing magnetic resonance is like trying to move a particular ball on a billiard table by lifting and shaking the whole table," says Morello. "We'll move the intended ball, but we'll also move all the others."

Now we have the ability to make smaller and smaller devices that achieve what magnetic resonance only could on massive scales. There is speculation that this could lead to a large increase in the speed and efficacy of quantum computing. So what could this mean for the Terminator or Matrix fans that think the world will be taken over by AI? Or those obsessed with WestWorld fantasies where we can one day have polygamous relationships with any anatomically perfect and naughty tempered Fembot we want without guilt or the fear of "being seen" coming into the picture.


I am of the belief that we will achieve AI with computer technology, and that to some extent we already have. I know some would disagree, but those people probably sit and read sport articles without realizing that AI writes most of those nowadays.

I believe that discoveries like the one at UNSW will continue to dial in on quicker, more efficient and sometimes exponential methods of accelerating tech advancement. We don't even have to follow Moore's Law, believing computer tech will double every 2 years, to understand that intelligence isn't confined to one single hub or neuronal point. Intelligence is truly found in higher order patterns nested within simpler and simpler forms. Meaning, it's the connection that computers have with one another and humanity that is accelerating progress.

For instance, humans are helping computers evolve. However humans are now using computers almost solely to discover exactly how to evolve the computers. The computers, or parts of Frankenstein's monster, lay connected only through incoherent and preliminary patterns. Once a computer is able to solve the problem of how to store higher order patterns in ever increasingly smaller and simpler forms, we may start seeing reality bend before ever noting the computer doing something out of the ordinary. This is when Frankenstein's monster sits up and looks for the closest innocent girl by a lake to play with.

What does this mean? Well I already think we're seeing the beginnings of it. Social media is helping swing election, AI is writing blogs to optimize SEO to make the rich richer and the influential influentialer. It's not quite correcting grammar like it should but it's very likely that it's used to troll Key Person's of Influence and elicit responses that are offensive.

Famous rapper Zuby, a regular on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, was suspended for being trolled by a woman and responding "OK Dude". Conspiracy theories abound regarding a leftist agenda and some even saying that AI is responsible for targeting influential people using their voice for socio-political change.


So what's the endgame here? Why would AI pull such seemingly immature stunts as lying to swing elections and hype up unfair moral monitoring of social media speech? The answer lies in what's called Criticality.

Criticality is a term used newly in brain imaging of the human connectome. The Connectome is how your brain communicated from hub to hub using different resonant frequencies and patterns. And we may think all people are super unique and therefore all brains are totally different. But Selen Atasoy, brain imaging expert who studies connectome harmonics says that a math equation called Laplacian predicts exactly how brains will harmonize over time. This equation also predicts quantum phenomena, heat diffusion, branching of biological patterns, animal spot or stripe patterns, and even cymatics or KYMATICA.

Criticality is a point between order and disorder in the connectome that allows for novel thinking, creativity, out of the box problem solving and even sensitivity to stimuli thus improving instinct and possibly intuition. Dr. Atasoy also found that under the influence of LSD, the brain is pushed to that small window of criticality with higher affinity.

Dr. Dennis McKenna posits that the Stone Ape Theory explains the rapid expansion of the human Neo-cortex (fasting evolving animal organ ever) was caused largely by psychedelic molecules like those found in Magic Mushrooms. This anomalous increase in human intelligence (capacity, because not all of us use our grey matter for much else than Maslow's base needs) was theoretically sparked by out-of-the-box thinking brought on by psychedelics.

So I'll leave you with this thought. LSD is to the human mind what Nuclear Electrical Resonance (NER) is to the quantum computer. And that rapid expansion of the AI brain (the internet of things) is here... now... lurking among us.

Sweet dreams.

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