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5 Ways to Prepare for 2021

Nuff said. 2020 was a doozie and you'll want to prepare better for 2021. Vaccines, COVID health, Martial law threats, Bitcoin and betting on yourself.

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You are the most powerful technology. Don't ever forget that.

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Dustin Grab
Dustin Grab
22 abr 2021

Loving the YouTube drops. Have you seen any studies or evidence of nitrous oxide being a DMT agitator. Wim Hof breath Whippets DMT Seem to be levels of the same experience. There is nitros oxide in the atmosphere and my theory is it’s the increased uptake in Wim Hof that might be doing it. After I played with some whippets Wim Hof seemed dull for a week or two. Either way much love.

Me gusta
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