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Maui Fires claims 99 Lives: Agenda or Accident?

I know for most people it's annoying to hear a theory that flies in the face of the main stream narrative. Conspiracy Theory is a term that loves to get thrown around these days but I made an extended News video to show the details of what happened on the island of Maui on August 8th. The wild fires claimed 99 lives so far and the State is possibly causing more problems as only the Red Cross can receive donations on the ground and only FEMA is in charge of who gets in or out of these areas.

Watch this video to see how this event could fit into Agenda 21 or the Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations. All I ask is that you keep an open mind and I promise I won't badger you with a conclusion as if I know the answers. I'm internet informed, just like all of you.

When you are done with this video, please share it out ASAP. That is how this balanced perspective will begin to cut through the polarizing content out there. Thank you and please live today like it's you last. Life is sweet and fleeting.

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