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The Beast Marches and Yet God Smiles

How is it possible to live in this world without anxiety and worry? There's so much distortion in the way we receive our information about the outer world that we often can see the world as frightening even thought the majority of it comes as a social media informed story. There's peace in your local community yet many people are in a mild form of chronic panic. We open our phone and Ukaine is under attack or France is on fire with near war-like imagery.

The video above is from Max Igan's latest piece of work on Bitchute.


How are we to sleep well when spies are already in our houses with near permanent residency in the form of technology we scarcely understand? How can I relax when three letter organizations like WEF and WHO have big dreams of how the people may becomes the cogs in their machine. Yes, it's real. Yes the beast slouches towards Bethlehem. Yes, we are on the brink of a global transformation of ecological, economic, psychological and mystical dimensions of cosmic proportion. How could I calm down? It's war and we're the ones destined for the train to Auschwitz, aren't we? Should we not be worried?

Not if God Smiles. How? Why? What nerve a loving God must have to smile while such atrocity unfolds from our violent past to such a bleak future? God smiles.

I won't go off on some treatise on God. You likely have your own functional model of that. So let me just express what an important element of God is to me.

God is the story unfolding through and around us. We have relationship with God through the specific context we experience. We know God personally yet not completely. I hear people say all the time that they see reality clearly. They see the better than other. And they're right... just not complete. We are all informed of our unique slice of God because we know our lives and exactly how God appears to us. But in our small individual minds we come to believe that if this is God, then others should see God the same. They should see reality the same, right?

I sense reality as anything but some fixed, concrete, external fact. It's a relationship and my unique relationship with God may be to some Atheist a relationship with wha they call facts and science. Both are language models to explain something that neither of us can grasp in its completeness. But we can play with reality, even if we don't understand it. We're not given the whole story, just the context that highlights our unique gifts. We practice giving those gifts to the world daily and graduate from neophyte to journeyer, to master to mage. We don't have to understand God in order to embody our own inner God and shine that to others. That inspiration will empower their own gifts to blossom, not our gifts imposed onto them. It's by giving the feeling of safety, love, compassion, wisdom and clarity to the field, by way of the people, places, objects and moments we experience. Simply put, to change reality you must bring those aforementioned qualities to the tiny corner of the world you can directly influence. Don't get lost in the big picture thinking you need to solve Geo-Political corruption, technocratic feudalism, child sex trafficking, or misinformation unless it is directly in you path.

Focus your mind and heart onto the here and now and remember that computers, social media and online content are also here and now. I'm not saying stand in field do Thai Chi all day. I'm saying be reasonable, practical, but playful with how you bring your gifts to the wold

How many of you readers believe that the world's direction is hopeless? That unless we stop some group or some agenda, humanity doesn't stand a chance? I feel your worry, but I'm not worried. I'll tell you why, without trying to convince you that this is the way. It's only how I choose to harmonize my relationship to God and if it resonates then play with it in your own way.

The Beast Marches

The history of our Earth and her children has been the story of violence and beauty, pain and pleasure, war and peace, life and death. It's difficult to pinpoint a time when creatures weren't being eaten, societies weren't at war, plague and famine weren't around the corner or at our neighbors door. It's still around today. Should I worry?

If you were alive in the first half of the 1900's you'd have lived through two World Wars, if you were lucky enough to survive. 1918 was the Spanish Flu. The Vietnam War, endless covert operations, national debt traps that economically enslave the local communities, fragile supply chains, ever changing infrastructure, cultural degradation and more. Just in that small window of history. All on the heals of a Native American holocaust. If you were Russian in World War 2, you had a one in seven chance of dying. All of these horrors were visited upon our grandparent's generation. This world has scarcely seen a time without terror and pending doom. Why am I not worried?

I'm not special, I'm privileged to presently be in Tennessee which is not in flames or in dire turmoil. That's number 1. Number 2, I'm not worried because I know I'm not in control of the world, nor do I believe some 3 letter organization (WEF, WHO) is in control. I don't believe some illuminati bloodline is in control. I believe God, cosmos or the Tao is authoring this story. I believe I'm needed in this world at this time. I've come with a voice and a message and I've been trained by life to sing that message though music and film.

Everything that might feel like worry is just a force that matures into creativity if not spent in a worried panic. If I sit with the feeling of worry, it actually seems like a neurochemical primer that sparks creative action. This is much like seeing a car race towards that fills you with adrenaline not to scare you but to mobilize you.


If you are watching your screen too much and it sparks worry, go outside and affirm in the light of the sun or moon that you choose what content you ingest. You are in control of your here and now.

If you are panicking about the state of the world, money, politics, culture and infrastructure, look to your local communities and ponder what unique gift you have to help those you can directly impact. You are capable if changing the field by simply giving your gifts to your community.

If you are falling into an "Us vs. Them" mentality where there's a clear enemy, group or agenda that we must wage war against, remember that God lives within your allies and your enemies. To wage war at all is a gesture to God or Cosmos that you don't truly understand the story God is singing. You may understand your unique slice of God but to assume you understand it completely is fall into the same egoic messianic trap that many brilliant people fall into. God is not to be "figured out", but her song must be heard and you absolutely must sing back. Only you know how, because only you have you unique relationship with God.

If you're worried, connect that worry to your power and make art with it.

What's coming in our collective future is not the New World Order, rather it's the inevitable Age of the Artist. You! The tiny slice of God that has a gift for the world. Don't spend that gift as worry. Transmute the lead of fear into the Gold of your art.

It just might be the only thing that will "save" us from the Beast.

Ps. The Beast is also God. God Marches and God Smiles.

You're an Artist and I can't wait to see what you bring to this world.

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