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Fascia, Sphenoid Bone and Higher Consciousness

If you've been following my work lately, you will have undoubtedly heard of the Myofascial system which is the connective tissues in the body. It has recently been classified as an organ because of its ability to communicate and perform vital functions in the body. But lesser known is its influence on the emotions and mind.

On top of all that, it is a fiber optic system that transports electrons, ions and even acoustic resonance like a harp through the body. It is of the same quality as the glia in the brain, just not set up like astrocytes and all the other glial forms. Glia were once believed to be packing material and nothing important in the brain. Now Dr. Andrew Koob suggests that glia are responsible for higher level cognition, creativity, integration and more. The neurons in this case are actually suggested to be the pre-programed and reactionary network.

So the nervous system in the body is quite vital for wellbeing but possibly not the only high level communication system. The fascia would account for the speed at which someone can react to something grazing by their ankle. The nervous system reacts at the speed of a Ferrari (250 mph) while the fascia may communicate exponentially faster. Furthermore, the very nature of the forces we place upon our fascial system require no heavy cognition. The reaction seems to be inherent with the input.

Now it get's wild when you realize that the Fascia influences the endocrine system and thereby influencing mood, perception, sleep, pain regulation, blood sugar and much much more.

So imagine that you may be influencing neurotransmitter levels of serotonin, gaba, oxytocin, norepinephrine, DMT and all the MAOIs in your brain that make up the Endo-huasca system that John A Chavez writes about in Questions for the Lion Tamer and on his DMT Quest page.

John Suggested to me in a conversation that humming, singing and chanting could augment neurotransmitter ratios and possibly spark DMT which would account for the visions and experiences people have after chanting for hours on end.

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The mobility and functionality of the way you move and your posture may influence just about every aspect of your life, from chronic pain to spiritual advancement. Use the resources on this website to help you understand the importance of developing a functional and holistic health practice that includes movement, breath, visualization, diet and higher knowledge.

The Mystery School is actually within you. The teacher is your highest self.

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