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Psychedelics, Microtubules and Quantum Consciousness

Have you heard of Dr. Stuart Hameroff or Sir Roger Penrose? Together they have a theory of consciousness that proposes that consciousness arises when the wave collapses into the particle. A lesser known theory that Dr. Hameroff proposes is that psychedelic molecules bind with microtubules and send them into quantum coherence.

Dr. Hameroff did a talk where he mentions this theory and even gives a sneak preview into what the microtubules sound like when slowed down. Yes, the microtubules sing rather than communicate purely informationally.

If you want to see what microtubules look like amplified, here they are in all their glory.


I'm not recommending or suggesting taking psychedelics. They are powerful tools for conscious awakening and when used improperly could severely traumatize the psyche. However, you don't even have to ingest exogenous (plant or animal derived) psychedelics to get the effect. Our very own brains produce Dopamine (like morphine), DMT, 5-Me0-DMT, MAOI's like the Ayahuasca vine and even Ketamine and PCP analogs.

When Salvador Dali was asked if he takes drugs... he said "I am drugs".

Humming, Om-ing, chanting and all kinds of open throated singing not only improves Vagal tone but after extended periods can also bring on altered states of consciousness, likely by vibrating the sphenoid bone in the skull.

The Human Body is an incredibly complex and interconnected system of communication. If you're looking for healing physical or emotional trauma, if you want more clarity on your purpose and path, or if you're just a seeker of adventure and wish to look deeper into reality, all answers and tools lie within.

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