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The 5G Health Summit

If you're aren't hip to the health dangers of 5G, check out this summit featuring high profile speakers like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr and Dr. Martin Pall.

I've been interviewed extensively on 5G and just released Esoteric Agenda 2.

Here is a magazine called Masters of Health that I'm featured in speaking about what this 5G technology and all future tech advancements are doing to the human race beyond the health hazards of EMFs and radiation. It's more than just a bunch of microwaves. It's a microwave that can create invisible fencing around perimeters that can burn the skin of Individuals, animals or even plants. This technology gets embedded into the superficial layers of skin and fascia.

Our fascia is the most intelligent communication system in the body. It's also the most interconnected system that gives the body not only its anatomical features and also softens solar radiation before it hits the nervous system. This is a crucial role and fascia is equated to a fiber optic communication organism that has an intelligence that can act before the brain even knows the body jumped into action. A prime example of this is the reactionary contraction you have when something creepy or sharp hit your toe. The thoughts that flood the mind in the millisecond it takes for the brain to become aware that you've flinched. But the mind conceptualized a potential snake or something dangerous. How?

The fascia in the body is like a thinking organism that is separate from the brain but also intimately tied to it. The Glia in the brain are of roughly the same material and have other similarities to myofascial systems in the body. Glia were always thought to be glorified packing material or the equivalent of a rubber cover over power chords. Just insulation. Nothing more.

However it turns out that neuroscientists today like Dr. Andrew Kool suggest that while neurons express themselves as primarily reactionary and impulse driven actions whereas Glia seem to have function in the higher cognitive sectors like intuition, creativity, problem solving and abstract correlations.

So when we discover that 5G millimeter radiation is proven to effect seedling growth and development, that plant tissue and human tissue absorb millimeter radiation in the same ways, and that the laundry list of neurological, reproductive, cognitive, psychological and caustic effects from this radiation by some very prominent doctors who are only now called conspiracy theorists because after a blemish free and successful career, they started claiming this technology isn't safe.

So if these millimeter waves at 20-100Ghz are getting stored in the superficial fascia, I personally wonder whether or not it desensitizes the human ability to attune to the environment like a callous around the entire body.

I'm a musician and filmmaker ladies and gentlemen. Not from academia. I simply use my best judgement to figure out whether or not we're being realistic with ourselves. Whether you're averse to the term "Conspiracy theory" or not, don't let yourself ignore a multi-trillion dollar technology explosion with vested interest in the masses simply staying out of it. Any dissenting evidence on major social media and video platforms is ignored. The excuse they use is that this contrary evidence is harmful. We're not allowed to make that decision for ourselves, we're not even allowed access to the information. We're told it's for our own safety.

I'm pretty sure that's the slogan for Nazi Germany censorship.

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